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An honor society is an organization that identifies excellence among peer groups. Majority of the honor societies request students to join their organization based on their academic performance or depending on the discipline which the honor society represents. For the honor societies that do not use academic achievement to recruit members, they use other standards such as the completion of a particular project or program. Additionally, even those that use academic performance to determine whether a member is qualified to join the society analyze the character of a prospective member. There are honor societies that require one to make an application for membership, while others can only recruit those that they have invited. It is also important to note that a member of an Honor Society cannot join another one that deals with the same field.You'll want to go to this page for extra info. 


There are regulations of a voluntary Intercollegiate Code that control the academic robes and regalia. Different colors of tassels, stoles, cords, medallions, and scarfs are utilized for indicating the level of membership of a student in a particular honor society. Most often, the mortarboard and cords are used to symbolize membership. Majority of these institutions allow medallions and honor cords for their members. As a result of the rarity of stoles, they are only used in a few honor societies. There are times when these societies sell their items as a fundraiser, or simply for service.


A high number of sororities and fraternities are defined by their membership in the honor societies. These societies are present in high schools, colleges, and also at postgraduate levels. The most common honor societies are the university honor societies. The most ancient academic society in America was created in 1776. It was developed as a literal and social fraternity at the William and Mary College in Virginia. Later in 1898, it was made an honor society, which triggered the creation of honor societies for all disciplines. In 1918, Mortar Board, an honor society for senior women was founded. It had chapters in four universities, namely The Ohio State University, Cornell University, Swarthmore College, and The University of Michigan.


Honor society helps ambitious students to prepare for graduate school, as well as during their career placement. Once one attains membership, they are dedicated to helping their members to find a career that matches their passion, or the right internship. Honor Society distributes large amounts of money for scholarships on a monthly basis. Members can access the member-only scholarships, as well as the complete directory outlining all the scholarships available. Here are 4 steps that may help you achieve success: